Gothia Cup [Göteborg Transfer 2/Week 1]

Nature Goodies
Nature Goodies with Syster Mcwhorter

Hello There!!

Okay wow, time is flying here. Can’t believe that this week will mark 3 months of being on my mission! That means I am a 1/6th of the way done! Craziness. Going by way too fast, but also not at the same time.

It is crazy because we had 3 new missionaries in the district last transfer and we are now the only ones left. We now have a new district leader and his companion in our ward. And a new missionary being trained in our district also. We are excited to have some new people in Göteborg because they will want to see the city more on preparation days instead of just playing sports 😉

Not much has changed since last week, as far as the amount of people we are teaching. The work is still moving pretty slow. We were able to have lots of service opportunities though this week, so that was fun!

Gothenburg this past week was crazy! It hosted the largest youth futbol tournament in the world, and so there were TONS of tourist everywhere. It was fun to be able to help American tourist and give them directions haha. The spårvagns were super crowded and we couldn’t ever find a seat. So in general, it was kind of hard to find people to teach because everyone was just visiting, but we were able to refer lots of people to other missions and areas though haha 🙂

Syster Hill came again and visited again, which was really fun. We had a High School Musical dance party 🙂

The next day our Syster Training Leaders came and I did a companionship exchange with Syster Mcwhorter. We had so much fun together and she taught me a lot of good things. We talked a lot about expectations and making sure our expectations of ourselves are not higher than the Lord’s and that was really helpful. Also together, we were able to get NATURE GOODIES. Basically this candy that you can buy, nuts and berries that are dipped in yogurt. So good. You pay by the weight also.  And I think it was special for her as well because the first time she got nature goodies was with her STL (Syster Hall, my language teacher in the preparation center). So that was really good.

We had a few lessons this week with really nice people, but not really interested in the gospel.

Here is a cool story though:

On Thursday we were a little rushed for time and we were waiting to see if someone could meet with us downtown that night. We also needed to do weekly planning, so we came up with a plan to go halfway to downtown (commute is about 45 mins) and plan in a park. We got to a park and spotted a bench to sit at. A man came over and sat on the bench we were going to sit at. So my companion started to walk another way, but I felt like we should talk to this man. So we talked to him and turns out he had taken the missionary lessons when he lived in Greece! He has been wanting to come back to Church but didn’t know they had one here in Sweden. We taught him the Plan of Salvation there in the park, and then we found out he lived outside of our area so we referred him there. #typical But, He really wanted to go back to church. It was cool because we were able to express to him that it was not a coincidence that we met. I know God puts us in certain places to help and lift others.

Also Gothenburg is a pretty big city, but we run into people all the time. I really do believe that God can put people in our path.

This past Sunday was really great because I feel like I am finally able to know the members in the ward and could really feel like I loved them.

So I am now more than 1/2 done with my training. Which is crazy to think about. I think I have grown a lot since being trained in unexpected ways. I never like to admit when things aren’t going right, but I have learned to rely on the Savior more.

I feel like coming to a new country and being a missionary is kind of like being thrown overboard of a ship. The first 3 weeks I was trying to convince myself that I could stay afloat and not drown, then the next 3 weeks I discovered that I really did want to be in the water, and that it was possible. But now as I hit almost my 2 month mark of being in Sweden, I feel like I have learned to ask for a life jacket, and now can rely on the Savior to not only help me stay afloat, but to be able to swim, and enjoy it.  Now I want to able to swim and help those who are maybe struggling and need to know of the love of God. Wow sorry that was a bit of a dramatic metaphor haha.

I love the people here in Sweden, I love their little quirks. I am so grateful that I can be here in this beautiful country. But even though it is a great place, I am really just here because I feel like many people need to know there is more. And that there is hope in their lives. I just pray that the work I do will help people see that light and the Goodness of God. Thanks again for all your support. I love being a missionary!

YAY: Being able to help so many people around Gothenburg
NEJ: -No new investigators
Swedish word of the day: Grönsaker-  which literally translates to “Green Thing” or vegetable. I love Swedish haha.

Syster Manning


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