Transfer 1 in Göteborg down!

Classic Swedish door: “No advertising, no free magazines, no religion”

How is everyone doing? This week has been good, but also a little rough.

It was made a little hard because I’ve experienced my first cold since being a missionary. That took a lot of energy out of me, but the work still went forth! I’m starting to feel better today though, but it seems that my poor companion has caught it. I guess that is what happens when you spend 24 hours with someone.

So our area right now is still at a low point. This week was a lot of people not showing up for appointments, a lot of not interested, but that is okay. I know that if we keep working hard, we will able to find those who are struggling and help them.

One fun thing that happened is that we were able to have Sister Hill and Anderson come visit! It is always nice to be with missionaries and learn from them.

Unfortunately not too much else to write about this week. There was a lot of tracting, and contacting and finding efforts going on.

But here’s a funny story to try to make this letter less boring:

This week was the first week we actually met our goal of potential investigators! We had been working really hard one day and we decided on the way back home we would stop and try this famous ice cream place by Central station. (Keep in mind this is the first time we have ever taken a break like this ever. And it came from me mentioning the ice cream places a few times haha :)). So we get our ice cream and sat down to eat it fast. But who walks up to us but another church, I believe it was the Pentecostal church. They came up to us with a flyer about how we need to be saved, and we were being polite and listening to what they were saying. But they didn’t notice that we were missionaries ourselves. So when they did, they just started preach at us and we were trying to have a conversation but our ice cream was melting on us so intensely and we were trying to stop the melting by eating it. It was so stressful and funny. They were laughing at our ice cream mess and got us napkins. After that it was awkward so I asked one of the few things I can ask in Swedish “Hur länge har du bott i Göteborg?” How long have you lived in Gothenborg?. Anyway it was just crazy and stressful and so funny. I’m glad they were nice people though! Wish I could have understood more of their Swedish haha.  We had ice cream stains all over our skirts. So it was a good thing we were about to go home anyway.

One cool thing that happened is that we someone interested come to church yesterday! As we were walking in she literally said “I’ve been trying to find what church God wants me to be at”. We are teaching her tonight, so hopefully that will go well! It will be a new experience teaching someone with a Christian background, because pretty much everyone we teach doesn’t have that.

Anyway. thanks for being so awesome! Remember God loves you and will support you!
Yay: Sundays meetings at church
Nej: Having a cold
Yum: We had a member dinner last night where they made pie with this vanilla sauce. So good.
Swedish word of the day: Förkyld (catch a cold)
-Syster Manning
Picture: Classic Swedish door.”No Religion”


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